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Who doesn’t love the beauty of gorgeous hair! Hair is my passion, because of God my talent, personal knowledge and skills have allowed me to become one of the most recognized hair specialists in Savannah.

For as long as I can remember, I loved the versatility that wigs gave me. I made my first custom wig in 2008, using glue and a stocking cap. It was at that point, I learned how to better care for and maintain healthy hair under a wig. Because of this, I began wearing them more often. For me, I found it to be less time consuming, less maintenance and I could create various hair styles. One thing that I noticed about store bought wigs, no matter how much thinning or cutting you do, it still gives an unnatural look.

I was hooked in perfecting my craft, so I never went back to purchasing store bought wigs. I was determined to make them myself and I believed that I could. Many people complimented me about my wigs and inquired about who they could purchase. With much delight, I was happy to tell them that “I made it.” The responses were so impactful, I started making them at the request of others.

One encounter with a customer inspired me to dig deeper. It was truly a life-changing moment, a moment where I started to believe in myself on a whole different level. This client had been dealing with hair loss for some time. After seeing one of my wigs, she came to the salon, asked me to cut her hair bald, and if I could create a wig for her.

The moment she tried it on, I knew I had something special. Seeing her reaction and the tears in her eyes was one the most rewarding experiences I’ve had when to comes to dealing with hair.

Fast forward about a year experience a very close family member of mine who lost her hair due to Lupus. And that when it struck me, there's a need for my services. From that point on, I made wigs with a purpose. I had a passion to make others feel confident, uplifted and empowered.

Years later, one of my co-worked inspired me to change my craft and make the wigs with a needle and thread. The response was even greater than when it started making them. Many of my clients liked the fact that it was longer lasting, natural-looking and economical. As my craft perfected, I realized that what I was doing was not just a talent, but a gift. A gift that God gave me so that I could be a blessing to others. I then decided it was time to make an investment in myself and my talent. Now I can truly say “I’m ready to soar!”