October 15 , 2017


Stefini made my first wig over 4 years ago. And even with it being done with glue, it was still the bomb! Now that trends have changed and lace is in, I am so happy I made an investment in a custom wig. Very professional and most of all, she listens to her clients!

Thanks Stef!

November 17, 2017


Stefini made me my first custom wig. I fell in love with it at first sight. It looks amazingly natural. You would't know it was a wig by looking at it on. The hair she used is SO silky and absolutely gorgeous. I can't stop touching it and running my fingers throgh it. The work she does is AWESOME and she really takes pride in it to make sure it is done right and to your satisfaction! You won't be disappointed. I will absolutely be making future investments in her services. Thank you again Stefini!!!

December 1, 2017


While visiting Savannah from Alabama, my sister surprised me with a custom wig by Stefini. Besides being very nice and professional, her work is PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!! I'm still getting soooo many compliments. THANK YOU STEF!! I'll be seeing you the next time I'm in Savannah


December 8, 2017


Stefini made me two wigs, they are gorgeous, well made, very durable and looks like a sew in on. She is very professional and you will be nothing but satisfied with her work.


January 6, 2018


Stefani has done several wigs for me. I love them all. She has been doing my hair for almost 5 years now and I love her work, professionalism and honesty. I'm happy that she is now making custom wigs. She has given me various looks to fit my various attitudes. Four wigs on-hand. Placed my order for 3 more. I can't wait to share them with you. 

Stef, post all of my pics.


January 23, 2018


FINALLY-I found a stylist that listens to me. Ms. Stephanie does my hair exactly the way I asked her to. I will keep coming back! If I am in between hair do's, she makes custom wigs that I can wear and no one knows its a wig!  She's awesome!

February 4, 2018


I feel pretty... oh so pretty! It's true what they say:


Stefini chose the perfect highlights for me. I got so many complements!

Thanks Stef

February 17, 2018


Oh wow do I feel and look amazing Stephanie really out did herself with creating my wig. I'm addicted very much so first time doing anything like this. But trust won't be my last I got the "Kimmy" wig my name is Kimberly so you all know I'm feeling myself. Lol thanks again Steph


February 27, 2018

Stephaine Jones

 I just bought Sasha and I love it!!!! Steffini is the bomb!!


April 7, 2018


I really love my hair! I got so many compliments from my family and friends and I really thank you for doing such a wonderful job!!


April 17, 2018

Zataylauray Wright

OK, here's the scoop! If your looking for an awesome wig that nobody can tell is a wig, then Stefini' s Secret Tresses Wigs are EXACTLY what you want! I have brought several wigs from different hair stores and NONE of them ever fit 100 percent right and they always start looking like a wig. Stefini has been doing my so-ins for about 5 years now, so once I found out that she was making wigs I knew I wanted one. However, because if my luck with prior wigs, I was scared to try one. I finally decided to try a Secret Tresses Wig and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! I have a relatively large head, but Stefini made sure that the lace front wig fit PERFECTLY. ITS NOT TOO BIG, NOT TOO TIGHT, AND IT LOOKS REAL!!


April 27, 2018

Kirstie McDonald

 I have been a long time customer of Stefani’s and she has always been instrumental in making my hair healthy. I am a two time breast cancer survivor and i’ve Worn very short styles, relaxed to natural. I recently discovered that she makes beautiful custom wigs. I currently have 3 very custom wigs that have been ombré colored to fit my skin tone. Stefani is such a professional and a perfectionist. She will make sure you are happy with your unit at all times. She maintains the units as well. I would highly recommend secret tresses wigs to every lady whether you just want to change it up for the summer or need s protective style. Call Stefani today!!


May 14, 2018


Stefini, YOU ARE AMAZING! Thanks for the wonderful piece. I'll find plenty of use for it. Your creativity and enthusiasm are special.

August 5, 2018


Stefini has been doing my hair from the time she made her career choice of cosmetology. Since the start she has always been the type to give her all. She keeps up with the latest trends and she pushes herself until she masters each one of them. I would say she is a perfectionist. Not only do she have your hair on point, she specialize in healthy hair too. She also listens to you and she will bring the image in your head to life. I"m telling you, you wont be disappointed! She is a awesome stylist and amazing person! As for the wigs, I like that her wigs are custom made just for my head. It don't give me headaches from being too tight. It won't make me feel like it's so loose that it would slip off. And it fits and looks just perfect. I would like to thank Stefini for all the time that she put into me and my daughter's hair. I wish you luck in your journey. I"m sure you will have bigger and better things to come.


September 12, 2018


I visited Stefini on Saturday to get my new hair. l am very, very happy with my wig. I've gotten lots of compliments!  Stefini is truly the best kept secret in Savannah. if you are looking for a new look please call Stefini, l am so thankful.

October 2, 2018

T.M. Miller

What I love about my custom made wig by Stefini; Workmanship, beautifully hand sewn, fits very snug. I am really enjoying it. DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A WIG!

Thank you stefini!

October 14, 2018


Awesome Service!!!! I hve truly found me a new stylist! THANKS STEFINI!!

October 24, 2018


Stefini, THANKS

My first custom wig and I'm loving it. Realistic,- Yes

From beginning to end, a professional. Again THANKS

* Barbara *

November 4, 2018

Leidell Gettis

 I cannot find the words to describe how I feel about the unit that I purchased from Secret Tresses. Not only do I really love the workmanship of the unit; but also the professionalism of Ms. Jones. She took the time to show me how to put the unit on, as well as recommend what products to use for care. I felt very comfortable with her. I received many compliments today at church. My prayer for Ms. Jones is that the Lord will continue to bless the labor of her hands. I hope that she does not mind me sharing this. I also pray that He would open more doors for her to create custom units for those who are suffering from hair loss and alopecia. She is incredibly talented and cares about the quality of product and service that she provides. I will be looking at purchasing another unit in the near future.


January 2, 2019

 Ann R Brown

 Omg!  I purchased a bob unit weeks ago from this young woman right before the New Year. It was one of the “Best” purchases I’ve made. Not only a great purchase. She was so patient with me. She allowed me to go into an area of the salon for privacy. That meant so much to me.I suffer with alopecia. Anyone that suffers with hair loss knows how depressing it can be. Your hair compliments your wardrobe. It also enhances your confidence and beauty. I can’t express the joy I felt after getting all dressed up to hit the town. I felt beautiful, confident and blessed. I prayed that God would help me find a solution and He had me to stumble upon her website😢 Before stumbling upon her website I would spend so much money on wigs. They would look good so I thought on me in the hair store and when I would get home and try them on I would come to tears. They would always look to wiggy. This wig looks real, feels soft,and has bounce. It is a quality wig. I can go on and on about this wig but I will end in saying to God be the glory! I pray that in 2019 that He will use you even the more, that He will increase the anointing in those gifted hands and that He will stir up your creativity even the more. Stay humble and be blessed.😊


January 22, 2019

 Molana Cargill

 I love my hair , the natural comfortable way it feels is great. Stephanie thanks for the excellent job.

February 28, 2019


 After a year of doubts and a lot of pushing from my daughter I decided to try a wig instead of weave. Thanks to Stephanie for making a beautiful wig for me that I am so proud to wear! If you have doubts see Stephanie! See you soon!🌷


April 26, 2019


It was such a pleasure getting my first custom made unit from Stefini! She is such a sweet lady with an awesome personality. When I walked in the salon she introduced herself with a welcoming hug. My order was last minute, because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my hair for graduation, I contacted her and she was willing to make my unit in time for my graduation. I love my unit and every time I wear it, I get compliments. I definitely will be getting another from her in the near future and will be recommending her to others. Thank you so much!!


June 20, 2019


Not only was I blessed enough to model “Monica” and “Tina” for her, I brought Monica from her. She recently cut and colored my hair. She is the jack of all trades when it comes to hair!! Longtime friend crushing the hair game.

October 20, 2019


I must admit I was very nervous not with her inability to do it because I've seen her work but more so if i would like it on me an issue I've always had when attempting to buy a wig. I absolutely love my wig!!! The turn around was quick an she answer all my question ( I had a lot :-) ). Now I see how wig can become addictive because I'm already thinking what should I get next and of course I know where to go!

November 28, 2019


 I love my new best friend my hair piece ... I just love ❤️ this wig it fits my hair perfect 👌 to the tee... I love the way it fits how it looks on me and everything... if you don’t know what to do with your hair I would recommend you try Secret Tresses Wigs .. You can’t go wrong ...

January 7, 2020


Stefini is a master wig maker! My first custom unit was beautiful, very glamorous, and fit perfectly. I never knew a wig could look so natural, and wish I hadn't spent all those years wearing extensions, which just made my alopecia worse. Now I'm hooked on wigs and can't wait to get more! Thank you, Stefini, for making me feel like myself again.

March 10, 2020

 Angel Mcclendon

I must say Stefini has done it again, with my newest addition to my hair family.. I love these wigs .. Ladies if you haven’t tried Ms. Stefini your missing out on a good thing .. Please don’t miss your blessing .. These wigs are worth every dollar .. Thanks Stefini I’ll be seeing you soon .. I love my hair 😊

May 20, 2020

 Megan Vickers

Best hairstylist ever! She’s nice and very professional. She took the time out to take into consideration what I actually wanted. I have very dry, natural, thick hair she never complained once! I was coming out of town to see her it was a two hour drive and she was complete worth it. She took the time to teach me and visually show me what was needed not only for the care of the wig, but for my real hair too. Lastly, everything from the consultation, to the wig making and installing was done fast! I am a happy client & will be coming back.

JUNE 23, 2020


I’ve known this women for years. Looking at the work she did for clients, it’s hands down the best. I sit in her chair with comfort and trust. I know I would never let another person touch my head again. Wether it’s a unit or full a sew in. She’s very detail to perfection. I love it

SEPTEMBER 18, 2020



OCTOBER 11, 2020


It’s still working for me.. plan to wear it more with this fall weather.

NOVEMBER 5, 2020


 I absolutely love my unit! My husband asked me not to cut my hair anymore so I reached out to Stefani for a short hairdo. She made a unit for me exactly how I wanted it and I love it!! Now I can go from long to short whenever I want to! Thanks Stefini!

DECEMBER 15, 2020


Hands down! “It’s not what you do but the kind of job you do that makes difference”. Obviously the Photo speaks volume. Thank you Stef😘❤️😍💕 I lost count of the units I have...

JANUARY 4, 2021


 I absolutely love Stefini! She is so friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I just had a unit made by her & it is the best I’ve ever had. The closure looks so natural and the stitching it perfect. I have gotten so many compliments. I am so happy I found her as my new stylist!

MARCH 13, 2021


 I’ve known Stefini since grade school. Once I noticed her talent/skill I truly wanted to try wearing a wig for convenience and style. I also wanted to support as well. Sooo glad I did!!! She has a beautiful spirit and she’s great at what she does. My wig is beautiful and I do look forward to ordering another from Stefini. It was a good experience because she’s so professional. Thanks again Stefini! ☺️

APRIL 8, 2021


I went to Stefani at Secret Tresses to lay my wig. It was the best wig install ever. Her selection of custom wigs is better than anyone I have seen in the south east and I know good work when I see it. She is not only a excellent master stylist but she is humble and a nice person. She is a rare find! I am recommending her to everyone.

MAY 11, 2021


 I've been searching for someone since mid LAST YEAR to do my bridal unit for me. I had no luck, fail after fail. NO ONE could do what I was looking for. Not even anyone I asked in Atlanta *the hair slaying capital, lol*. I was at my wits end because I was so tired of looking, it shouldn't be this difficult for any bride! Thank God I found Stefini! She's very patient, listens to her clients and reproduces what you ask for. She's been such a blessing in ways she doesn't even realize. There has been such a weight lifted off of my shoulders and I feel so much more confident going into my wedding day! Thank you so much Stefini ❤🥰

JULY 5, 2021


 Stefini of Secret Tresses Wigs is exceptional at her craft at making women look and feel confident! Stefini offers superb hair options ranging from units to styling. Both my daughter and I have used her services and have always have received exceptional care and results. As a busy professional woman, Stefini offers hair options that allow me effortlessly get ready every day and fit my busy lifestyle. She has saved me so much time, energy, and frustration in styling my hair every day. Stefini always listens to my needs and always provides the best advice and solution. She is a consummate professional and is exceptionally skilled. Trust me she is WORTH her price tag. No matter what your challenges, whether you have a full head of hair and want a protective style or if you're experiencing some hair loss you definitely need to connect with Stefini. You will be happy you did!

OCTOBER 8, 2021


Stefani made my first custom made unit made. She is very professional and put forth a great effort to assure my satisfaction with my unit. The closure looks natural and the color was superb. 

NOVEMBER 3, 2021

Lindsey Williams

 Stefini is very attentive and goes the extra mile to ensure everything goes smoothly when purchasing your custom made wig.. The quality and professionalism from secret tresses wigs is outstanding. You will NEVER be disappointed.

NOVEMBER 13, 2021


 I was a last-minute client and did not expect to get the service i received.

 stefani went beyond what i expected her to do to make my unit possible. 

she is well recommended. Thank you again stefani

DECEMBER 3, 2021


  I absolutely love my wigs. Stefanie is just “good” at what she does. At first, I was a bit reluctant to invest in one of her beauties. The apprehension came from seeing so many wigs at “cheaper” prices. I’m so glad I decided to get not one, but now three wigs. Not only does my hair (my secret tresses) look natural…the customer service, the professionalism, and the attention to detail that Stefanie provides is exceptional. Invest in yourself today. You will not be disappointed!!

JANUARY 9, 2022


Stefini is truly an angel sent from heaven! She listened to my instructions and made me a beautiful wig that looked just like my natural hair used to be. The hairline and part look so natural. After suffering from hair loss that left me with bald patches, I finally feel like myself again. 

Thank you, Stefini! 

MAY 18, 2022

McKale Beal

I am so grateful for Stefini! She is so amazing and talented. I was already so excited to come back for more of her services before I even left her salon.

I’ve been dealing with alopecia areata for about 8 months. I found Secret Tresses through a quick google search and booked my appointment. Best decision I’ve ever made for my hair!

Stefini makes you feel comfortable! She can give you privacy while she works her magic and she wants anyone who comes to her to feel confident and beautiful when they leave.

Words really cannot explain how grateful I am to have found Stefini and I will definitely be back for more! She has changed my life. Thank you so much!

JULY 8, 2022

Shirley A.

 If you are looking for a creative style that will enhance your entire appearance, look no further than this salon. Even if you have an idea of what you want your new style to look like, take that idea to this salon, and your creation and transformation will begin. I highly recommend the services of this salon. The creative stylist Ms. Jones is a master at creating a look for you. She is professional, courteous, personable, and receptive to all your styling needs.

AUGUST 20, 2022

Kimberly Hunter

 I love Stefanie! She created my wig which has received multiple compliments, and she does my actual hair! She’s very knowledgeable about my hair as well as my wig and how to take care of it. In recommend everyone who wants a wig and/or hair stylist to check her out!!

November 28, 2022


 I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely thrilled about my wig! I have found my new wig maker! 🙌🏾 This is the best custom made wig I have had in years. I literally was able to take the wig out of the box and put it on and go. The hair is on point- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this texture and the color! When the wig arrived the curls were still intact and held up very well.

February 3, 2023  

Amy McClintock

I could not be happier with my Wigs Stefini has done for me! Stefini fit me in and created what looked exactly like my hair. I was just about to begin Chemotherapy for Breast cancer and did not realize how fast my hair was expected to start to fall. Stefini fit me in for an appointment and got a perfect wig very fast and just in time. I loved the first so much I asked her to do another one this time a little longer. It is beyond beautiful I could not be happier. She is truly amazing at what she does! She has made the most challenging part of this journey so much better. I would recommend her to anyone going through this or anyone just looking to have instant gorgeous hair.

Love your new look....

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